What would Inspire more youth to be professional athletes ?
  • Money as Reward when successful
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  • More recognition when successful
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Being an athlete seems to be a very difficult thing financially and emotionally no matter where you are from. This culture of abandoning the athletes after they are successful doesn't encourage the youth to become athletes.

There is obviously sports like swimming and basketball which has all the money and the recognition but what about the other sports which needs more recognition and talent.

I believe, to attract talent and more young blood to take pride and compete as athletes we need to change the way they are compensated and this means money or recognition so that they work hard not just to win medals for a country but also to financially benefit from there wins.

If you can't pay them then give them enough recognition that they can get sponsors or start there own coaching centers or something, to be able to make money of there success.

Patriotism can only take you so far, at the end of the day you need to feed your family and make a living. 


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