Was it right for Romney to call the health care bill Obamacare ?
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I think it was not wrong for romney to call the Heath Care Bill obamacare, he says that every where he goes, so why should he change in his NAACP speech

  • It was wrong to call it Obamacare only because ...

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    By: Henry Coco Ally Enemy Henry Coco

    It was wrong to call it Obamacare only because in reality, Romney had more to do with the structure of the legislation than Obama. Maybe a better name would have been Romneycare II--the Revenge®

    Romney is as much or more a socialist as Obama--only he's trying to pretend otherwise because he's running as a Republican, which party pretends and gives lip-service to individual liberties. He's probably even more dangerous, because he's a wolf in sheep's clothing, whereas Obama is openly a wolf.

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