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I've been wanting to buy an RV trailer for quite some time, to make camp-outs more enjoyable for the family. I really like the idea of the Jeep since its dual off-roading capabilities are legendary, but am unsure if it would work for pulling a large RV trailer. Pickups have the added practicality of being able to haul appliances, and etc. in the bed, of course.

Please help, since I'm a total novice in these areas.

  • Here is a list of Jeep towing capacities by mod...

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    By: Anonymous Anonymous

    Here is a list of Jeep towing capacities by model and year, they range between 1,000 and 3,500 lbs. towing capacity:


    With that towing capacity limitation you probably can only muster carrying something like a tent trailer. They are economical and fold up so they can be towed along tighter road spaces.

    Link for tent trailers on KSL.com:


    Here is an example of how one looks when folded up: http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=20332496&cat=209&lpid=&search=

    If you get lucky you could snag one for under $700 like this one:http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=20333972&cat=209&lpid=&search=

    Just make sure the appliances and electricity function.

    Here's a link that gives you an idea of tent trailer weights: http://www.apachecamping.com/new-inventory_folding-trailers.htm?status=new&type=folding-trailers

    1200 lbs. seem to be a fairly average weight for them.

    Here's additional info. about different types of hitches. You can probably get by with a "Class I" hitch for towing a tent trailer:


    Hope that helps.

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    • Looking at the first URL you provided, It lists ...

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      By: Troy Biggers Ally Enemy Troy Biggers

      Looking at the first URL you provided, It lists "Wrangler" and "Wrangler Unlimited." I'm unsure if Wrangler Unlimited refers to the newer 4-door Wranglers or some other version of the more traditional 2-door. I was under the impression the 4-doors were a bit more powerful, but maybe I'm mistaken. Do you know if there is any difference between the two?

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